Capacity Building, Research and Labour Market Information Directorate

The functions of the Directorate will entail:

  1. Development, implementation and review of an internship and attachment policy;
  2. Provision of Vocational information, guidance and employment counseling to the unemployed and undertake activities to promote employment; and
  3. Conduct periodic surveys on labour market skills requirements and advice training institutions and job seekers appropriately to ensure that training and skills match the job market requirements.

The Directorate is organized into the following two (2) Departments whose functions are as indicated below: –

Internship / Attachment Division

The functions of the Division entail:

  1. Facilitation of attachments and internship;
  2. Facilitation of placement of students in tertiary institutions for internship or attachment during and after completion of studies;
  3. Maintenance of records of students seeking internship or attachment and   students who successfully attain positions of internship or attachment;
  4. Monitoring placements to ensure that persons on attachment or internship are not exploited or their rights violated;
  5. Identification and communicating available internship opportunities through advertisement in newspapers with wide national circulation;
  6. Facilitation and coordination of internship programmes;
  7. Developing capacity for mentoring and supervising interns, and management programmes for internship activities;

Capacity Building Department

The functions of the Department include:

  1. Sensitization and dissemination of information on trends of employment and factors that influence the labour market;
  2. Provision of training/sensitization to employment agencies on matters concerning employment.
  3. Provision of information on skill gaps in the labour market.

Training and Counseling Division

The functions of the Division entail: –

  1. Facilitating training of Kenyans to improve their chances of employment and work skills;
  2. Carrying out vocational guidance and employment counseling to job seekers;
  3. Co-coordinating pre-departure training for Kenyans leaving for foreign jobs;
  4. Facilitating training of Kenyans seeking employment;
  5. Provision of counseling services to Kenyans seeking employment on general matters relating to employment including career progression, choice of careers, among others;
  6. Development and review of career guidance and counseling materials for job seekers;

Research and Labour Market Information Department

The functions of the Department entail: –

  1. Providing active labour market policies concerning closing the skills gap;
  2. Evaluating results of labour related policies and programs;
  3. Facilitate training institutions to align course provision with labour market needs through the analysis of labour market trends

Provision of quantitative and qualitative information and intelligence on the labour market that can assist labour market agents in making informed decisions.